What society thinks ?

So pretty much it. We have to be beautiful in this so called society in order to be accepted or we won’t feel pretty enough.

I have been hurt by this so called society, being told how I should look,dress and be myself. I am tall among short girls and you can just imagine how that feels and how people made me feel but one thing I’m proud of is I never doubted myself even though, the society has but I never doubted myself.

I felt so insecure about my body and looks and wondered “why am I tall then everyone else in my class” but then as the years gone, by I accepted my image and I become a strong woman who God wanted me to be and I have came a long way.

So what  I’m trying to say, let’s not let this so called fake society  define us and love who are and who God had created us to be. I know there girls prettier than me but that does not mean they have a perfect cause they are only wearing a mask to look happy on the outside but on the inside, we are all hurting about what someone had said about ‘US’  or how we felt rejected in that friendship or relationship and now we seem to have lost ourselves but let me tell you, that is pure nonsense.

Who said we need a person’s point of view about how we look,dress,walk or height. No one but let’s have some self respect and love ourselves enough to respect our different personalities and ways.


oh my gardens🌿

Oh my gardens 🍂

I love summer🍦

I love Palm trees🌴

I love being myself 👱

I love how I haven’t tried on make up but planning too💆💇


Am I the only one who feels emotional when reading  sad books that actually makes you feel what they feeling. I know for sure that’s crazy and weird.

I’m wondering if my future husband would be bothered by my reading Constance. I hope you don’t babe, wherever you are.


Every where I go I see people in relationships, I mean even younger grades teens are dating nowadays and I’m wondering.

Am I mad for being the only one not dating?

Lol. Okay.thats kinda funny cause I’m 17 and I haven’t dated yet while my cousins are in grade 7 and had two boyfriends already. Well I guess I know what my problem is? I guess I’m not willing to rush into things, I want to date when my ready and know ‘yes’ I would like to be in a relationship with this guy and not  just oh let’s date and see where it leaves us.

That won’t work on me because I’m a sensitive person and every little details bothers me as in ‘ why isn’t he texting me ‘ or ‘why doesn’t he call me’ or ‘ why is he mad at me? Is this our break up ?’ those are all the questions that my brain has and I kinda think ‘me’ as a person needs special attention. Because by someone not replying to me or chatting to me I become self conscious.

So to answer my own question I guess, I am not as mad as I thought I was.

I am waiting for the right moment not any moment but the specific right one.

Why am I like this

Why am I like this after texting a guy?

Why is my stomach so full of butterflies while waiting for his reply?

Why do I feel rejection coming my way ? Oh wait its only my sub conscious playing tricks on me 

Don’t we all feel like that when chatting to this guy we like cause I sure do feel like that right now 

Not rushing into things 

Okay so I don’t want to rush into things especially relationships.we all have that desire amd wish.

I want a guy who will hold my hand in public and, not be ashamed of me, I want a guy that will hug me when he knows I’m sad, I want a guy that will fight for me, I want a guy that will kiss me goodbye, I want a guy that will send me good morning and goodnight texts, I want a guy that will have nicknames for me such as baby cakes, sweetheart and baby girl and I want a guy that I will spend the rest of my life with.

We all have those relationships goals that we are  looking for in a relationship and I won’t lie, I also want that guy but let me tell you something. ‘Yes’ those guys do exist but sometimes you may be asking for too much and you might be nagging him to become the romantic  guy  you want but, out there they are guys who love you but find it really hard to show you because they don’t want to be something they not and ‘yes’ they will obviously please you but know this, that does not make him happy because now you expecting too much from him and he will no longer want to be part of this “so called romantic guy ” you looking for but okay I don’t know where I’m going with this post but maybe what I’m trying to say is let’s stop wanting everything to be so perfect and be saying yes he does those things for me that shows he how much he  loves and cares for me .

Let’s not rush into things until we sure we are ready .👌

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being 17

You learn so many things at 17 and you get to know more about yourself such as :

1. How I am a hopeless romantic.

2. You discover who your true friends are.

3. That you spend more time online than any normal person.

4.that you read alot.

5. How you fall so in love with a book character and you don’t realize that.

6. How school is becoming hectic for you.

7. I want to go to Paris and find my soulmate.

8. Hehe jokes that doesn’t really happen does it.

9.okay that’s pretty much my list and my opinion about being seventeen:)

happily ever afters

So many times we are being told and lied too about “happily ever afters.” Movies promote ‘happily ever afters ‘films but in reality none of that is true unless you and that person are very committed and loyal to each other then maybe that exists but coming back to my point in order for you to have your ‘ happily ever after’ is to know this.

“Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face it’s about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and a pretty soul.”

Let’s forget about perfecting our relationships because no one is perfect even you and let’s focus on the most important things by fixing our faults and be man enough or woman enough to say “sorry”and  you will definitely not die even if it’s about your ego, it’s not really worth it or are you willing to lose your relationship due to your ego?

So maybe I do believe or not believe in happily ever afters but our happily ever afters starts with us.lets make our own happily ever afters and be bold enough to say how we really feel. 


People tell you how unhealthy that type of food is, how unhealthy that you don’t exercise but I do exercise when I walk to school, that gots to count but anyway what they tell don’t tell you is how unhealthy it is to stay in relationship you don’t like or feeling trapped and not knowing how to escape but let me tell you something that has to change because that feeling will only lead you into a person you don’t like, because you will become miserable and moody and feel like everything is closing  up on you but that’s not true.

You are making it yourself so it’s time to change and become a fighter not a lighter.