Not rushing into things 

Okay so I don’t want to rush into things especially relationships.we all have that desire amd wish.

I want a guy who will hold my hand in public and, not be ashamed of me, I want a guy that will hug me when he knows I’m sad, I want a guy that will fight for me, I want a guy that will kiss me goodbye, I want a guy that will send me good morning and goodnight texts, I want a guy that will have nicknames for me such as baby cakes, sweetheart and baby girl and I want a guy that I will spend the rest of my life with.

We all have those relationships goals that we are  looking for in a relationship and I won’t lie, I also want that guy but let me tell you something. ‘Yes’ those guys do exist but sometimes you may be asking for too much and you might be nagging him to become the romantic  guy  you want but, out there they are guys who love you but find it really hard to show you because they don’t want to be something they not and ‘yes’ they will obviously please you but know this, that does not make him happy because now you expecting too much from him and he will no longer want to be part of this “so called romantic guy ” you looking for but okay I don’t know where I’m going with this post but maybe what I’m trying to say is let’s stop wanting everything to be so perfect and be saying yes he does those things for me that shows he how much he  loves and cares for me .

Let’s not rush into things until we sure we are ready .👌

#relationships #randomthoughts #caring #perfecting


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