Every where I go I see people in relationships, I mean even younger grades teens are dating nowadays and I’m wondering.

Am I mad for being the only one not dating?

Lol. Okay.thats kinda funny cause I’m 17 and I haven’t dated yet while my cousins are in grade 7 and had two boyfriends already. Well I guess I know what my problem is? I guess I’m not willing to rush into things, I want to date when my ready and know ‘yes’ I would like to be in a relationship with this guy and not  just oh let’s date and see where it leaves us.

That won’t work on me because I’m a sensitive person and every little details bothers me as in ‘ why isn’t he texting me ‘ or ‘why doesn’t he call me’ or ‘ why is he mad at me? Is this our break up ?’ those are all the questions that my brain has and I kinda think ‘me’ as a person needs special attention. Because by someone not replying to me or chatting to me I become self conscious.

So to answer my own question I guess, I am not as mad as I thought I was.

I am waiting for the right moment not any moment but the specific right one.


2 thoughts on “relationships 

  1. asdfkitty says:

    I was 18+ years and never been with anyone…i was sometimed frustrated…but i managed to get over it…
    And i couldn.t be more happy because i now met my boyfriend who is exactly the person i needed and i am soo so happy with him.
    My point is…it doesn.t matter how long it takes…but i promise you will find that person that will make you at least as happy as i am 🙂
    So never rush anything. ^_^

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