What society thinks ?

So pretty much it. We have to be beautiful in this so called society in order to be accepted or we won’t feel pretty enough.

I have been hurt by this so called society, being told how I should look,dress and be myself. I am tall among short girls and you can just imagine how that feels and how people made me feel but one thing I’m proud of is I never doubted myself even though, the society has but I never doubted myself.

I felt so insecure about my body and looks and wondered “why am I tall then everyone else in my class” but then as the years gone, by I accepted my image and I become a strong woman who God wanted me to be and I have came a long way.

So what  I’m trying to say, let’s not let this so called fake society  define us and love who are and who God had created us to be. I know there girls prettier than me but that does not mean they have a perfect cause they are only wearing a mask to look happy on the outside but on the inside, we are all hurting about what someone had said about ‘US’  or how we felt rejected in that friendship or relationship and now we seem to have lost ourselves but let me tell you, that is pure nonsense.

Who said we need a person’s point of view about how we look,dress,walk or height. No one but let’s have some self respect and love ourselves enough to respect our different personalities and ways.


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